Saturday, March 17, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

My first string blocks,,,,,what great fun they were to make,,,and a grt cause,,,,,,Instructions on Margarets Hope Chest,,,,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blocks 4 5 and 6, just loved doing these blocks,,,,,,,,,so much learned,,,
ALL THE fun quilters, all talk about scrap quilts,,,,,,,,the kind i love,,,,,,,,,,but i am left out, as i don't have enough to call scraps yet, lolol,,,,,,,,i could only fill a little sack so far,,,,,but will have to start working on collecting...............

blocks 7,8,9 in the barristers sow-a-long,,,,,,block 9 kicked me off my machine to take a break, lol,,,,,second one came out much nicer,,,,

tamaras new quilt

Took the quilt to missouri star quilt, and they did a fabulous job quilting it together for me,,,thank you ladies, it has dragonflies all over,,,,fun fun

Monday, March 5, 2012

Barristers blocks quilt a long

I cant believe how a few little colors can make a block look soooooooo different from the other,,,just more i am leaning,,

So, finally the first three blocks are done,,,,sure am happy i didn't buy that book.

This will really really help me get more coordinated in my quilting, and i am hoping to learn tons from doing this quiltalong,,,yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I am picking three fat quarters to use, till the fabric runs out, then i will pick new.

I am also making two of each block so that i will have an extra to donate to someone, and one to pass on to the family.

Cant wait to get caught up, so will be gone,,,,out sewing,,,

Smiles are Free,,,,,Plant Daily

oldest daughters quilt, who loves love loves

sisters grand daughters quilts,,,two of them

Dawns new story board holder

Daughter is Petco Nursing Trainer, and needed a bag to carry her story boards in,,,those things are 24 x 36, or close around that figure,,,they are expensive, so i said,,,,,i would make one,,,,couple of charm packs and walllaaaaaaaaa

CJs new Quilt