Friday, April 10, 2009

Our local quilt shop

The quilt shop in town is having a log cabin sew along, it will be fun,,,,,they will be doing a new log cabin quilt block every two weeks, and it sounds like fun, especially for a new quilter like me,,,,,I have never made a log cabin block, so i cant wait to get started,,,,,,,I dont know how to do the linking to the pics unless i have the code, so ill just attach the picture for the Cutting Table gang.....
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Purse is done

Pats purse is done, just waiting to send to her,,,,,im really behind in posting,,,,for someone who hasnt sewn for years,,,,,,,,im really proud of it, and cant wait for her to get it,,,,,if i could get time to go to the post office that is,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Free Jelly Roll and Great Pattern

Head on over to and check out Judys great giveaway,,,,she writes some great patterns,,they are great and easy to understand,,,I already have this one,,,,picture above,,,,and will love to win another,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wish me luck,,,,
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Geese in the Forest, believe it or not, but im working on this quilt, wow it is very awesome. The first of the geese i didnt know what i was doing, i tried the paper piercing thing and didnt get it,,,,,,the second i finally got the hang of it, and wow, how i loved doing the paper thing,,,,,so now, i will redo my first geese's and continue on,,,,,,Check this one out, its awesome....

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